Breathtaking Sound To Enrich Your Life

Technology and aesthetics are two necessary components in designing professional microphones. Here at JTS, both are seamlessly incorporated. For the past 32 years, JTS has been investing large amounts of resources into microphone research and development. The results demonstrate the artistic and scientific achievements of JTS personnel. The effort makes the JTS microphone a marvel in terms of affordability, performance, and reliability.

Fully Equipped Recording Studio

The success of the JTS microphone is based on “Its user-oriented design policy.” Practical and technical concerns are tested and measured throughout the development stage. A fully equipped recording studio enhances the capabilities of the JTS design approach and users’ satisfaction.

Sophisticated Design Equipment

Throughout the development stage, JTS utilizes the most advanced equipment, materials, and techniques. This translates to the legendary performance, quality and reliability of the JTS microphone.

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