UR-816DSET/1... Freedom of Sound!


That was the heading of a test report on the wireless system UR-816DSET/1 which was carried out by the band magazine SOUNDCHECK last autumn. This system provides maximum mobility for guitarists and wind instrument players.

The team particularly highlighted the sound characteristics of this wireless solution: "Impressive sound characteristics. The sound test of our guitar setup achieved overall positive results. The integrated automatic noise suppression features an effective and sensitive operation. We were even able to hear continuously inserted signals at a very low volume level and opening the gate was hardly noticed. In direct comparison with a cable-connected guitar and amplifier, we were unable to notice any changes in sound or dynamic losses in the signal. The operating range of the signal was more than sufficient, even on a large stage. And although the manufacturer designed the condenser microphone adapter for wind instruments, it is also possible to use it with other instruments. An excellent polar pattern allows for an almost perfect resistance to acoustic feedback."

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